People solving problems together in one hour online.

This is a rally for every human who demands better from our world, who sees possibilities in the power of many, who embrace change and chaos and see potential for wild and bold creativity. Our objective is simple: to solve important problems that matter to us (or at least try). This is a chance for many people to come together and experiment. To experiment and learn. To learn and try better. This is a place for sharing, failing, and improving our world. Here, we will be teeming with ideas to help everyone.

A (sort-of) manifesto

  • We really do want to make the world better.
  • Anyone is welcome.
  • Failure is important.
  • There is no right answer. (But there is always a better way.)
  • Communication is king.
  • Everyone holds a piece of the truth.
  • Quantity over quality.
  • All IP is open source. Anyone can take it and run with it.

How it works

  • A team of 4-8 people are randomly assigned together to address the problem.
  • “Problems to solve” will be sourced from the community.
  • A team of 4-8 people are randomly assigned together.
  • They pick a problem to create a solution.
  • There’s only one hour.
  • The solution should be delivered in any way that can be understood in about a minute.
  • All discussions are recorded and free to watch. All ideas are shown online for the world to see.

Potential outcomes

  • Come up with a world-changing idea.
  • Meet new talent and broaden your personal network.
  • Have a chance at conflict-resolution.
  • Improve your adaptability and cooperation skills.
  • Gain new perspectives and a bigger worldview.

Why you should do it

This is an opportunity to mix up a diverse group of bold, intelligent and creative people in an burst of teamwork for the common good. As the world gets more and more specialized, we rarely get the chance to mix with people with different ability and skills. Developers run with developers, writers with writers, lawyers with lawyers, biologists with biologists, and so on. This is a chance to broaden the network and try solving problems with people who would never normally meet. And by limiting the investment to one hour, we expect it isn’t so much time to feels wasted.

Join the problem solvers

We are at the front of rapid-fire innovation and experimentation. We are preparing the pilot now. Join us. You will be first to know when TeemUp starts. Add your info below and get inside.

You can also contribute today by giving suggestions for the idea here.

Thanks. We’ll loop you in when it’s time to start making things happen!